About Infinity Property Services

Infinity Property Services Inc. is a full service property maintenance, management and construction/repair company focusing in northern Illinois.  IPS has a team with decades of experience and expertise in everything commercial property related.  We are small enough to keep costs down and large enough to handle any project that comes our way.  Please reach out to us for a free quote and to see how we can help since “No job is too small and certainly no job is too large”.
“No Job is too small and certainly no job is too large.”

Josh Lapins

Founder and President

Josh founded IPS when he saw a need for an all-encompassing solution for maintaining commercial properties for the owners. The headaches associated with managing commercial real estate properties can be intense. Juggling a dozen companies to handle the daily upkeep requirements of a commercial property is a full-time job. IPS has the manpower and expertise to take care of anything property related. Josh Graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and received his Illinois Real Estate Brokers License shortly thereafter. Josh is a licensed general contractor and carpenter.  Josh has spent the last 8 years managing a commercial real estate portfolio in Chicaoland and has in-depth knowledge of budgets, property maintenance and construction from the Landlord’s perspective. Very few people can say they understand the true constraints of commercial property budgets as well as construction budgets. (847) 701-8961 Josh@IPSCompanies.com

Scott Poulos

Head of Construction


Scott has been a licensed electrician as well as a general contrator for 23+ years. Scott is the face on- site for all building projects that IPS handles and ensures the quality and timeliness of the build. (847) 701-8961 Info@IPSCompanies.com
“No Job is too small and certainly no job is too large.”
(847) 701-8961

Cesar Marquez

Head of Landscape

and Snow Removal

Cesar has run a landscape and snowplow crew for 20 years. His knowledge of lawn and tree care is second to none. Cesar’s attention to detail and insistence of perfection made him an ideal choice to join the IPS team. (847) 701-8961 Info@IPSCompanies.com
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Don Rhode

Head of HVAC

Don has been a licensed HVAC technician for 18 years and has been teaching Forced Air Heating classes at the environmental Technical institue for five years. Don and his team can diagnose, repair or replace any HVAC system in a commercial building. (847) 701-8961 Info@IPSCompanies.com
(847) 701-8961
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